Aja! Aja! Fighting oh!!!! がんばりますよ!!!

I received my alois & kagura wig today plus alois costume.. I only need boots!
I'm getting more & more excited!!

I can't help but try them on!!!
And I just came from work so I look like..... ]!!!!


Also I was very happy with the wig seller that gave me free hair cap~ & they gave me a good quality one!! I was really really happy!! like they gave me gift! Ofcourse I had to give a very very warm thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Listening to: Everytime You Go Away~ [Paul Young]

Everytime you go~ A-waay~.. You take a piece me~.. with you~~
F(*&^%$#$%^%$#$%&*&%$%^&*$%!!! old songs!! almost killin me

SPICE! cosplay PV [fan-made by HAnnsel]

Because I still have few photos from SPICE! cosplay that i don't know what to do with it
So, I used it to make fan-made PV... It's my first time using my own cosplay photos into a video
Aaaaand you know......... this is actually embarassing!!!!

And today was my dayoff as well...~ my precious day off... I was planning to draw for Leica & Jensen aaaaah

OK so here is the @#$%^&*()(*&^%$ freakin video


I can't feel lent season, christmas, new year or any holiday here in US.

Anyway to remind me of lent, I rewatched The Passion of the Christ, I really don't want to, actually, since it makes me cry a lot

On the scene, temptation of Satan, was where the eyes-crying-machine started

And something I wanna share is.... "If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first." John 15:18

Let's prepare our hearts, for there will be difficult things that may still to come in our lives.

Be Careful with Editing Photos


Now I have played with the photos... aaah I don't know if I did too much but anyways i had fun


This is the lesson OK!!!!! DON'T PAINTBRUSH ON FACE TOO MUCH!! & not keeping the original photo! Now I can't go back!!

More in Photo Album YAM ALBUM

Red eyes OC cos

Photo on 2011-04-13 at 22.42
Random cosplay again..
experiment with eye make up as always
so far a little progress & learning

Photo on 2011-04-14 at 00.25 #2
I will try to make photos livelier later~
it's almost 7 am now, I still didn't sleep yet,
I was and still watching a korean drama "My Love Patzzi", it's an old drama years ago
It's funny and cute kdrama

Photoshop brush tool

sorry for learning this photoshop editing technique


here I learned to use paintbrush to make skin look smooth..
but what?? I just learned this recently, so slow

Another from Leica-chan! <3!

Gaaah my friend Leica-chan made me another photo~
She's so good with this talent
It's Tamaki Sou style... kyaaa~ I love it so much :]
Although I know I'm not good enough to be Tamaki-sempai, he's too perfect!!!

Raika-sama!! Arigatou!!!!




あい です ね〜。。。


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